The Thread Lift Procedure In Thailand

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For many people over the age of 35 considering facelift Thailand and particularly Bangkok is the new trendy destination of choice. With several different options available, the Thread lift procedure is less evasive with less recovery time. Let the specialists at assist with all your travel arrangements, consultations and to pick the right procedure for your personal needs. With the majority of patients tending to shy away from the more extensive full facelift procedure with a prolonged recuperation period they opt instead for the Thread lift technique. This procedure is a non-invasive pick-me-up facial rejuvenation with a much shorter recovery period and is more affordable than other surgical options.

The thread lift is a variation of the facelift that can be done during a lunch break and brings instant results with a quick down time. Unlike the typical face lift, this technique requires no skin removal and relies on the skin tightening effect of the suture threads to create a younger looking and fresher face. Due to its quick procedure time it is often referred to as the lunchtime lift, a weekend lift or suspension lift.

There basically are a couple of thread lift techniques with the oldest and more common using Aptos threads that are made of a non-absorbable monofilament material along with tiny barbs known as polypropylene. This type of thread has been used for surgical suturing for quite a while. The barbs on the threads are affixed to the underlying tissue and gently pulled tight to lift drooping skin on the face and neck. Another technique that is common is the suspension or smooth threads procedure. Generally made of nylon, these threads require suspension from strong anchoring points on the scalp or face. The placement of the threads vary from patient to patient and over time the body produces collagen around the threads helping to support the new elevated position of the skin.

Please feel free to contact the friendly experts at FaceLift with all your questions and concerns regarding thread lift surgery and any of its other variations. The staff at FaceLift are well experienced with planning and organizing all phases of travel to Thailand for facelift surgery. It’s time to make the first step!