Facelift Thailand – Recovering From a Facelift

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So you have just had a facelift Thailand and you are wondering what the recovery procedure is or you are thinking about having one and want to know how long it will be until people can see your new beautiful face, if that is the case then read on.

The first thing to remember that you may experience some mild to moderate discomfort in the hours and days after your facelift and for this you should be prescribed painkillers although you should have medication to take also. As a general rule you should be up and about within a few days, this means there is really no excuse not to visit the Grand Palace as you recover from your facelift Thailand, and the swelling will dissipate as the days pass as it will be swollen after the procedure for the first three days.

Please remember that both bruising and swelling are normal parts of the healing process and is definitely not an indication of how your face will look like in a few weeks. There may also be a lot of bruising to start with, giving the impression that you look worse then you actually are, so please be aware of that and be ready for that.

Women can go back to work wearing make up within two weeks and the entire process should be finished, meaning you will look better than your best, within one to four months after your facelift in Thailand took place. It is important to walk around regularly to help increase the circulation and to stop blood clots developing in your legs. You should not bend over or lift heavy objects until your surgeon has given you the all clear, this means, with you being in Thailand, you really have no excuse not to relax.